Smart Lock Installation

Smart Locks Can Prevent Home Lockout Situations

image of a young woman opening her home's front door using the smart lock keypad

While there are several ways to make sure you don’t get locked out of your home, installing a keyless smart lock is one of the easiest. If you’ve forgotten your keys or locked them inside you can get inside using the keypad lock.

Getting locked out of your home can happen in seconds: you’re in a hurry to make it to a scheduled appointment, and you lock and pull your front door shut behind you only to realize that your keys are inside. While a locksmith can help you get your door open quickly, you can take a few steps to minimize the likelihood of being in that situation.

Change Your Doorknob

Perhaps the simplest, safest solution to practically eliminate lockouts altogether is to simply replace your doorknob with one that doesn’t lock. This way, the only way you are able to lock your house is from the outside using a key to lock the deadbolt. From a security standpoint, while it’s true that two locks are better than one, a doorknob with a lock provides very minimal protection. If you’re concerned about downgrading the security of your home, a locksmith can add a second deadbolt to the door.

Use a Lockbox

While hiding a spare key under a flower pot or welcome mat seems like an easy way to get inside in a hurry, it’s also an easy way to let intruders inside. Instead of hiding a key, put a lockbox in a secure location and keep a house key inside.

Keep a Spare Key in Your Car

In some cases, using your vehicle as a lockbox is a great way to prevent a lockout. However, aside from the fact that this only works if you keep your house key and car key separate, it’s important to remember that if an intruder breaks into your vehicle, then they may be able to take the key and have easy access to your home as well.

Give a Key to Someone You Trust

If you have a neighbor that you trust or a family member nearby, consider giving them a key. This ensures that if you’re ever locked out of your home, you have an easy solution for getting back in without paying for a locksmith to open your door.

Consider Smart Lock Installation

To upgrade your home’s security while eliminating the risk of getting locked out, consider smart lock installation. Nest locks and stand-alone smart locks like Schlage and Kwikset are secure and resistant to tampering, while August locks are easy-to-install cylinders that let you continue to use your old keys. A smart lock locks with a smartphone, making it easy to lock and unlock it remotely and even make sure that your home is secure when you’re at work, on vacation or lying in bed. For added convenience, many smart locks have keypad locks that let you type in a code, gaining entrance into your home even if you don’t have a key or your smartphone. For added security, some homeowners opt for a stand-alone access control system to monitor multiple points of access to their home.

At Lightning Locksmith, we specialize in smart lock installation. We are a local mobile-only locksmith, which means that we come to wherever you are to provide friendly, convenient service, and we provide service throughout the Delaware County area, including Wayne, Brookhaven, Newton Square, and the surrounding region. Our locksmiths are certified, insured and registered, so you can trust that you’re getting honest pricing and service that we’ll stand behind.

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