Door Repair and Hardware

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Licensed locksmith repairing a door that has been damaged by a break-in

We can install new doors and door hardware and repair the existing ones depending on their condition.

Has your home been the target of a break-in that resulted in damage to your door frame? Do you want to upgrade your commercial space with a new, heavy-duty back door? Need new entry doors installed on your garage, office, or house?

Here at Lightning Locksmith, we are committed to keeping your home and business safe by providing you with reliable and effective security solutions. Our certified and registered locksmith offers complete home door installation and repair services, and we also perform high-quality commercial door repair work throughout Delaware County, PA, including in Wayne, Brookhaven, and Newtown Square.

Residential Door Frame Repair and Reinforcement

Did you know that your door frame is likely the weakest part of your exterior door? In the vast majority of forced entry situations, it’s the door frame and trim that breaks — not the locking mechanism.

Having your home door frames reinforced is a cost-effective way to reduce the chances that you’ll become the victim of a home invasion or break-in. Our experienced locksmith has the skills it takes to evaluate your door for weak spots that could be kicked in or forced open by a criminal.

We sell and install a wide range of proven security products for entry doors such as metal door reinforcer plates that make it difficult to kick the door in, anti-pry security plates, wrap plates, latch protectors, and even metal door frames to replace traditional wood frames.

We also respond to calls for emergency door frame repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete Commercial Door Repair Solutions

At Lightning Locksmith we install and repair commercial doors for businesses throughout Delaware County, PA.
Whether you need to upgrade your existing commercial door with one that is more resistant to fires and break-ins, you need commercial door repair service to fix a door that simply doesn’t close correctly, or you’d like to install a door opener, you can count on our registered and insured locksmith to perform high-quality work at a fair, honest price.

Professional Installation of Entry Doors

If you’ve ever tried to install a door you know that it’s a lot more difficult than it looks, even if you’re installing a brand-new door on a newer home or commercial building.

Here at Lightning Locksmith, our locksmith offers professional door installation service that includes everything it takes to ensure your new door fits perfectly and performs flawlessly. We will also install premium-quality locking hardware and accessories such as smart locks, metal strike plates, high-security locks, and cylinder guards to prevent criminals from prying your locks loose.

Your Local Door Repair & Hardware Experts

When you need professional, high-quality door frame repairs, home door installation, or commercial door repair services, call us here at Lightning Locksmith. We are the best licensed, registered, and insured mobile locksmith company that serves all of Delaware County, PA, and our service area includes Wayne, Brookhaven, and Newtown Square, PA.

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